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The Service "Control and increase the efficiency of LED processing by the sales department" is a set of measures that help the sales department to increase sales conversion, and the marketing department to improve the results of their work.

We are the FIRST and the LEADING company with
quality control of sales departments in Ukraine

We are trusted by TOP business
of the Ukrainian market

We have established ourselves as
integrators in 25 market areas

Why you need this service?

Who will benefit from the service?

For small, medium and medium+ business

For those who are focused on scaling or focused on growth and development

For business owners

Who do not yet have a head of sales and those who still perform this function independently

For sales managers

Who want to help their teams increase sales

For marketers

Who want to increase sales and increase the return on advertising through sales

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What do we do as part of the service?

1. Listening to the quality of telephone conversations

We listen to calls from managers to find out:

Report on the quality of work of each manager

2. Conduct individual trainings with managers

3. Analyze the quality of LEADs coming to the sales department

We monitor the customer's willingness to buy (the warmth of LEAD), objections, questions that ask how well they understand promotions or advertising, individual parameters from marketers.

Multi-level report on the processing of incoming appeals

4. We find and return low-quality processed LEADs back to work for managers

We monitor at all stages in your CRM-system, how managers accompany the customer to the purchase and timely return low-quality processed LEAD back to the work of the manager.

We look for these LEADs at all possible stages of the sale, including lost trades. And we make sure that these ice is processed further.

If the manager has difficulty handling LEAD, our team will provide recommendations for the next step to help the manager.

5. Gather analytics and analyze why your sales department achieved such a financial result this month

We collect and analyze key performance indicators of the sales department, as well as leading indicators

The goal is to develop recommendations and step-by-step actions based on analytics that will help managers:

6. Selection of tools that will help achieve the goals of the entire sales department

For each business, we will select your own set of tools that will be needed for your business at this stage of development, which allows you to flexibly influence the service budget, preferring work that will bring you results in the short term. 


Therefore, all work in this service is interchangeable, and priority is given after the initial audit and in the implementation process

In order to achieve similar results, we are strengthening CRM with our experience in quality control of sales departments..
With DOitWELL, every CRM system becomes a sales growth tool that works for you.


sales growth with the same flow of incoming calls

up to 15%

increase in repeat sales

1.5 times

reduction in application processing time


NDA agreement

 NDA agreement and subscription (LLC or sole proprietorship. When paying for LLC + 20% VAT)


Digitization of tasks and targets and study of strengths and weaknesses


the work of the sales department and support until the financial result is achieved

We are developing

We will start the development of your sales department and show your hidden financial potential


Choose DOitWELL

We are pros where others are just starting out. 
And we are ready to prove it to you!

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We will select solutions to unleash the financial potential of your sales department to the top results


95% of our sales are word of mouth. We build long-term cooperation with customers and partners.

Results achieved:

1. Optimized for managers the process of demonstration and booking of apartments using the service Profitbase.
2. Connected the widget of document formation, which allowed to form a contract in 1-2 minutes.

Results achieved:

1. 25% - increase in efficiency of sales managers.
2. 2 months after setting up amoCRM, as well as changes in the motivation system, the sales result in January (usually a quiet month) was higher than in any of the months of operation in the last 2 years.

Results achieved:

1. Digitized the process of B2C market customer service with its automation by 40%.
2. Implemented a loyalty system and set up the process of automatically launching mailings to increase sales.