Zbird Jewellery


Jewelry company

Tasks set before us:

1. Investigate the customer experience.
2. Provide ways to increase sales of jewelry.


The project implementation time to reach the goal is 2 weeks

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Increasing customer loyalty
"I would like to thank DOitWELL and directly Julia Kishinke for working on the quality department for Zbird Jewelery. By connecting the quality department, we were able to identify and promptly resolve issues that concern our customers, in such areas that we did not pay attention. These were small things, but as it turned out, the buyer pays much more attention to them than we previously estimated.

The quality service made it clear how professional our employees are and where they should improve their skills and competence, how to more accurately convey information to the customer. The quality service has helped us increase sales, product quality and respond quickly to customer needs that are relevant at the moment. I believe that every company should have a quality service so as not to lose feedback from the customer. "
Sergey Shevchenko
Owner and CEO of Zbird Jewelery


Customer experience analysis was one of the tools

which resulted in a 7% increase in customer sales:


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