Developer company

Tasks set before us:

1. Increase the conversion from which managers sell to the maximum.
2. Check the actual workload of call center operators and find ways to optimize their work.
3. Accelerate the process of implementing a CRM system in the company.


Project implementation time - 2 years:

0 %
increase in the number of invitations to the sales department
0 %
of the increase went to the sales department of potential customers
0 %
increase in efficiency of sales managers
0 %
level of compliance with the company's quality standards by sales managers
I would like to thank the DOitWELL team for the work you have done in the holding. According to the effectiveness of work, managers and operators have grown many times over. Despite the initial resistance of the staff to any changes, we can already see how the staff is thrilled to see their effectiveness. Once again, I want to thank you for your work, for the results you have received and for your cooperation with our company.
Basanko Olena
Deputy Sales Director
Prato Kyivmiskbud
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