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Investment company

Tasks set before us:

1. Restart and rebuild from scratch a new sales department in a short time.
2. Establish a system of work of the sales department and establish relationships with other departments of the company.
3. Monitor and systematically improve the quality and performance of the sales department.
4. Take the company's sales to a new level.


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turnkey sales departments rebuilt
0 %
growth in personal performance of managers
0 %
The efficiency of telephone sales increased
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times sales growth of 2.89%
0 %
quality of CRM-system filling by department


Achieved the set goals in 5 months

  • telephone conversation script,
  • presentations of residential complexes;
  • standards of work in the CRM-system;
  • correct schemes of telephony;
  • Regulations "Procedure of the working day of the sales department",
  • system of priority tasks for managers;
  • standards of work with incoming appeals,
  • regulations of the sales manager, head of sales and welcome manager,
  • standards for remote customer service for the quarantine period and conducted training for online sales departments,
  • a new system of motivation linked not only to the result, but also to the quality of the sales department,
  • daily reporting for managers on key indicators;
  • presentations of complexes,
  • knowledge of the script and the ability to apply it in practice,
  • knowledge of correct maintenance of CRM-system,
  • knowledge of legal nuances in contracts and the ability to apply them in communication with clients;


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