How to deal with a large volume of leads using the CRM system?

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What was BEFORE our cooperation

PURPOSE and criteria set before us by the client:

What solution was chosen:

KPI AFTER cooperation

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Accelerated lead processing
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Leads is transferred to the CRM system

Why LeadBox was chosen:


Achieved the goals in 1 week:

There are two most important components of successful sales and development for every info business:
1) The speed of processing an incoming lead  The optimal time from receiving lead to the first contact is up to 5 minutes. Such indicators are the key to a good conversion of the sales department

2)  End-to-end analytics The ability to see and evaluate with live data not only the conversion to leads from all traffic sources, but also the conversion to sales and return on investment


Project curator:

This is not the first info-business project that we automate, so the tasks were familiar and just as interesting as any project with lots of input and fast forward movement.

Olena Toptunenko

Case team:

Alyona Mukomelets

Maria Shapoval

Speed ​​of implementation of the service LeadBox:

3 days

Taking into account the connection of LeadBox and its custom refinement at the request of the customer 

Achieved results:

The ecosystem, which united more than 25 employees both for communication with clients and for ensuring the smooth operation of the entire company, was laid. Next steps to scale and optimize based on data. 

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Deals enter the CRM from various traffic sources
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Комунікації по клієнту можна побачити в CRM

Why do companies need LeadBox?

It gives an ability tochange the settings of the CRM system and widgets related to attracting leads quickly without involving programmers or other technical specialists This allows you to save sometimes thousands of dollars of possible unreceived profit due to loss of time. 

How LeadBox can expand a standard functionality of the CRM system:

Do you plan to achieve more results?

We will select solutions to unleash the financial potential of your sales department to the top results