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Tasks set before us:

1. Increase sales in the company.
2. Make the sales management process transparent.
3. Optimize the funnel and reduce the cost of ice.
4. Increase customer loyalty.


Implementation time to achieve the goal - 6 months:

0 %
Growth of communication quality of managers by phone
0 %
Increase in customer loyalty to the company
0 %
Growth in return on investment in advertising
0 %
Transparency of the sales process after setting up all systems

It is very convenient and comfortable to work. The first thing that was done was a cool call analyst of all our managers. There were also a lot of regulations for both managers and me personally.
We recommend Yulia Kishinko as a great specialist. She really knows what the sales department needs and how to help the sales manager.

Nikita Markov
Head of Sales
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This project was developed jointly with our partners Martsenko Sales.

The works were in several directions in parallel:
- automation of the sales department;
- increase the efficiency of the sales department;
- increasing the loyalty of the Company's customers.

To begin with, the team and I implemented an automation system, on the basis of which it was already possible to draw conclusions, work with the sales department and measure the impact of innovations on the result:


Want to manage the result?

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