We configure CRM and adjust business processes so that automation really works.


of applications and appeals have information on the source of traffic


Target applications returned to the work of managers

In 2020, we entered the TOP 5 companies implementing CRM-systems in Ukraine

We are trusted by TOP business
of the Ukrainian market

We have established ourselves as
integrators in 25 market areas


Increase in resale without increasing advertising budget


Increasing the effectiveness of the Team by automating business processes


Hours are released on average from the head with the help of analytics


Increase in efficiency of sales managers

CRM system is a tool. Integration is just a mechanism.
Most importantly - the result of the sales department from the integration of CRM-system.

In order to achieve similar results, we are strengthening CRM with our experience in quality control of sales departments..
With DOitWELL, every CRM system becomes a sales growth tool that works for you.

We have already seen this:


Sources of LEAds

  • Telephony, chat on the site;
  • Facebook, Instagram;
  • Forms on the site;
  • Rozetka and Prom;
  • Viber, Telegram.

Order module

  • The "Order" module allows:

  • Store and organize information on orders.

  • Set up an individual funnel for your business on which orders will move.

  • Flexible change of status of orders.

  • Automate routine processes.

  • Customize your order card so that you have in one window: orders, payments, installments, contacts, discounts, customer status and more.

Warehouses and Products

"Warehouses" - an application to automate the accounting of products and services. Suitable for almost any area of ​​business, simplifies many warehousing operations - arrival, storage, write-off, sale, etc.

Products are your database of goods and / or services. Nomenclature of your company.

The program allows you to manage the database of your products, create additional fields for them, link them to brands, categories, create descriptions, search, filter, etc.

Cash, payments and budgeting

The application "Payments and cash" allows you to keep a simple financial accounting, which allows you to see at any time all the movements of funds in the accounts, the balances on each of them.

Reporting and analytics

Report Designer lets you create your own reports. Choose which fields should be, which columns, how to group, which filters.

You can create an unlimited number of reports and dashboards, which will be formed by orders (processes, orders, tasks), contacts, payments, and, in principle, in general for any entity.


Choose DOitWELL

We are pros where others are just starting out. 
And we are ready to prove it to you!

Leave a request for an individual CRM presentation!

Our specialist will demonstrate all the capabilities of the CRM system on the example of your business.

The presentation consists of three blocks:

  1. Demonstration of key CRM tools and capabilities
  2. Parsing your case and solving it with CRM
  3. Session: Question and Answer


You do not lose customers

100% of contacts, appeals and orders will go to the only system that the manager will not take with him after dismissal.

Complete picture of sales

The key screen of CRM is a sales funnel, in which it is easy to track all processes to make the sales department work more efficiently.

Increasing the efficiency of managers

The system will remind the manager of the call, set a task to send a commercial offer or miscalculation.

Online process management

You can control the online sales department from anywhere in the world with the help of a functional application.

Customer loyalty increases

CRM helps build a high quality service when you are not an obsessive "seller" but a loyal friend and helper.

Costs are reduced

End-to-end CRM-based analytics will help you adjust your advertising budget and keep your ads with the highest ROI.


Of course, each integrator has a different process for implementing a CRM system, but the position of DOitWELL specialists is that any automation should begin with an in-depth study of internal processes and their improvement

Want to manage the result?

We will select solutions to unleash the financial potential of your sales department to the fullest.

Want to manage the result?

We will select solutions to unleash the financial potential of your sales department to the fullest.


Results achieved::

1. Optimized for managers the process of demonstration and booking of apartments using the service Profitbase.
2. Connected the widget of document formation, which allowed to form a contract in 1-2 minutes.

Results achieved::

1. 25% - increase in efficiency of sales managers.
2. 2 months after setting up amoCRM, as well as changes in the motivation system, the sales result in January (usually a quiet month) was higher than in any of the months of operation in the last 2 years.

Results achieved::

1. Digitized the process of B2C market customer service with its automation by 40%.
2. Implemented a loyalty system and set up the process of automatically launching mailings to increase sales.