Customer experience

Customer experience research is a survey of customers who bought or did not buy the customer's service / product. In today's world, this is a measure of NPS, but unlike just measuring customer loyalty, our service aims to find out what they think.

Customer experience research is a "hygienic procedure» (proactive activity) for your marketing that needs to be done every six months.

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Why you need this service?

Who will benefit from the service?

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For those who are focused on scaling or focused on growth and development

Для власників, керівників відділу продажів та маркетолога

NPS - allows you to assess how loyal your customer is to you, customer experience research - allows you to influence sales and business development, based on customer feedback about the company itself. External employees are impartial to the customer company, so they can calmly criticize and benefit from it, unlike internal employees who are loyal to the company and can go to the advocacy of the brand. 

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What do we do as part of the service?

1. Study of the client's business

In order to develop a checklist of questions and understand possible "painful" points of contact with your customers, our specialists study your business, field of activity (if you have not worked with it before) and competitors in the market..

To do this, our specialists need to get 

  • a list of customers with whom we will conduct research (this can be both customers who have purchased and customers who have not purchased a product or service);
  • information about the company, product / service and features / promotions. 

The period and number of buyers depends on the business. It makes no sense to take a large number of clients for the study, a sample of 100 people is enough. Because identify systemic gaps in business processes and customer needs, for this 100-200 people is more than enough, then the answers will only be repeated.

2. Creating a checklist

Together with the Customer, representatives of the DOitWELL team hold a communication session. where our coach learns about the company's goals, objectives and areas of interest during this study. We create a checklist with questions and approve it with the Customer.

Also we we coordinate the scenario of our actions if we find a client:

  1. Ready to buy and sales manager in need of advice,
  2. We will find the client in the "conflict with the Customer" or with a complaint. These customers can not be ignored, they are to be processed. We will provide instructions for customers

Customer experience research is not a questionnaire !!!!

We start from your client and not from the "prepared" script of the conversation!

The difference between the survey and our study is that when conducting a survey, the operator learns the opinion of the buyer only on issues of interest to him, while important information for the development of the Customer's company may be outside the "pre-thought questions" and only open dialogue can provide the Customer with information that can form the basis of innovation.

This is not a "report for the sake of a report"

This is a real guide to change in order to achieve business goals.

3. Conducting research and reporting

During the dialogue / research if we find customers:

  1. Ready to buy
  2. In conflict

We transfer to the sales department or to a person dedicated to work with negative customers according to a pre-developed algorithm. After processing, we get feedback from the departments about the results of communication with these customers.

We make out all researches in the summary, we add clippings from telephone communication.

We develop recommendations for the work of the sales departmentt, business process and product based on our experience. We give everything to the coach, presenting the results first to him. All research source materials are provided to both the coach and the Customer.


Implementation period is from 10 working days to 3 weeks, depending on the number of people for the survey.
50 people (25 bought and 25 did not buy) - 10 working days, 100 people - 18 working days, 200 people - 25 working days.

4. Facilitation session "on record"

Our specialists hold a facilitation session, where together with the Customer they develop a business plan for the implementation of innovation and discuss the innovations themselves. The meeting can be held both offline and online. 

The customer has all the reports, excerpts from the conversations and the recording of the facilitation session.

In order to achieve similar results, we are strengthening CRM with strengthen your business by what is important to your customers!
With DOitWELL, every CRM system becomes a sales growth tool that works for you.


sales growth with the same flow of incoming calls

up to 15%

increase in repeat sales

1.5 times

reduction in application processing time


NDA agreement

 NDA agreement and subscription (LLC or sole proprietorship. When paying for LLC + 20% VAT)


We study your business and create a checklist and research script


We conduct research and generate a report


We hold a facilitation session and transfer all data and records

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